Bourn Gaming Club

Bourn Gaming Club is based in Bourn, Cambridgeshire, UK.

7-8.30 Youth Gaming, 8-10pm Adult Gaming. Subs £2.

Bourn Gaming Club

Our aim is to offer a place for gamers to play Board Games (such as Carcassone), Tabletop Wargames (such as Warhammer) and Roleplaying Games (such as Dungeons and Dragons). We usually run gaming evenings at the Jubilee Recreation Ground Pavilion from 7pm on Tuesdays. Subs £2 per person to help cover the cost of the venue.

Please contact us ( if you are interested in Gaming and live in one of the villages near Bourn, such as Cambourne, Caxton, Toft, Comberton, Barton, Caldecote or Hardwick.

  • Bourn Gaming Club

    13th Oct 2019 by

    OK – so we have a website! Please contact us if you are interested in gaming and live near Bourn, Cambs, UK. Hoping to schedule first gaming evenings in November or December 2019.

  • Last session of 2019

    21st Dec 2019 by

    Thanks to everyone for a great first four sessions. Just a reminder that we are now breaking for Christmas and January, returning on the 11th February 2020 (from 7.00-8.30 (younger gamers) and 8-10pm (older gamers)). Open to any suggestions of games or rpgs that people are interested in or suggestions of how to change the… Read more

  • Games Evening 10th December 2019

    11th Dec 2019 by

    Great penultimate Games evening of the year! A bit of Warhammer AOS and some Dungeons and Dragons! Planning to make some subtle changes to the timings from the next evening: Youth Gaming will run from roughly 7-8.30pm, with Adults from roughly 8-10pm. However, feel free to turn up at any point in that window. We… Read more

  • Two more Gaming evenings in 2019

    8th Dec 2019 by

    Just a reminder that there are just two more Gaming evenings in 2019. These are the 10th and 17th December. Both starting at the usual time (7pm), with subs of £2 per person to help cover the cost of the venue. As usual we plan to run a Dungeons and Dragons session, a Warhammer miniatures… Read more

  • First Gaming Evening!

    27th Nov 2019 by

    Fantastic opening Games evening! Thanks to everyone who came we were able to run a wide variety of Games on our first evening including Marvel Crisis Protocol, Warhammer miniature building and painting, A Dungeons and Dragons session, Warhammer underworlds, and even some gateway Board games such as Rhino Hero and Karuba! Highlights were there aplenty,… Read more

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